Festival Materiais Diversos 2019

This year, the Festival Materiais Diversos celebrates its 10th edition. We celebrate this milestone with a well-participated programme which afirms the festival, above all, as a meeting place and a time to share different visions and concerns. We celebrate the festival as the culmination of a biannual programme, during which we dedicate more time to each partner, each artist and collective, each question, process, person.


Many possibilities have opened since 2009, many paths have crossed each other and diverged, several projects were started, were finished or abandoned. The joy of reaching number 10 is great, especially in developing a festival within the Portuguese context, where cultural politics are intermittent and not always the most ambitious or courageous — which led us to persist even more, in order to arrive at this moment.


It is through effort and sensitivity that we have created the conditions for the meeting between the localities in which we work — Minde, Alcanena, Cartaxo —, their people, and the artists coming from different places, with their preoccupations, sensibilities and knowledge.


During these nine days (ten minus one for voting) we propose that each participant scrutinize below the surface, and travel the distance between those differences which, after all, can bring us together as much as they can separate us, to go from being spectators, to being actors of public life and of (in) common life.


We work to reveal gestures, bodies and stories, thoughts and emotions. We work to multiply languages in conversation, and the possibilities of choice that everyone should be able to make and, also, in order to be together, to laugh together, and to dance together. Come and join us!


Elisabete Paiva
Materiais Diversos Artistic Director




Artistic Direction
Elisabete Paiva


Elisabete Paiva em colaboração Sara Abrantes e Sofia Matos


Participation and Audience Engagement
Joana Silva


Production Direction
Teresa Miguel


Catarina Alves
Diana Martins
Luísa Baeta
Sara Abrantes
Sofia Matos


Production Assistance
Yelyzaveta Kulyk


Communication Direction
Inês Lampreia


Communication Assistance
Mariana Nunes


Press Office
Rita Bonifácio


Communication Design
Sílvia Prudêncio


Web Design
Sara Orsi


Elsa Vieira, João Neves


Miguel Canaverde, Janine Gonçalves, Pedro Mourinha


Nuno Direitinho


Technical Direction


Bernardo Valada
Claudio Pereira
David Rainho
Diogo Simões
Miguel Sena
Paulo Cunha
Pedro Pereira
Rafael Ferreira
Tiago Carreira
Tiago Duarte
Tomé Ferreira
Vasco Ferreira


Ticket and Management Support
Gabriel Lapas


Ana Almeida
Bruno Carvalho
Carolina Couto
João Alexandre
João Barros
Matilde Cunha
Margarida Franco
Miguel Pacheco Gomes


Joana Duarte


Lídia Arantes
Joana Arantes
Odelva Lima

Materiais Diversos

Materiais Diversos is an independent professional structure whose mission is to encourage artistic research and experimentation, as well as sensitize multiple audiences to the performing arts, with a focus on contemporary dance. It supports the creation and dissemination of associated projects. It works in partnership with the municipalities of Alcanena and Cartaxo a program of development of audiences. Organizes the Festival Materiais Diversos, a project that, since 2009, promotes cultural access and participation outside the major urban centres, through a careful selection of artistic projects led by young and established creators, Portuguese and foreign.