Ana Rita Teodoro

Ana Rita Teodoro is a Portuguese artist. She holds a Master from the CNDC in Angers and from the University Paris 8, where she started working on her project Delirious Anatomy, drawing on her scientific and philosophical studies. She recently receives a grant to study with Yoshito Ohno from the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian and was a recipient of the Aide à la recherche et au Patrimoine en Danse from the CN D, to continue her research into the butoh. She has choreographed the works: MelTe, Orifice Paradis, Gut's Dream, Plateau, Pavilion and Shade. Ana Rita Teodoro is an associated artist at the CN D (Centre National de Danse, Pantin, France).
National Premiere

The performance explores the aesthetic of fofo (cute in English, kawaï in Japanese, mi-mi in French) in its social and political implications. It is a choreographed piece which exposes the fofo aesthetics as a tool to appease critical thinking, at the same time revealing it as a possible emancipatory aesthetic within the panorama of contemporary dance, where minimalism, slow strength, non-aggression and pleasure, are placed in opposition to the speed, aggression and hardness of our times.

I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent - regarding FoFo by Ana Rita Teodoro, by Ana Bigotte Vieira materiais-diversos-download
Conception and choreography Ana Rita Teodoro Scenography Sallahdyn Khatir Light Creation Eduardo Abdala Sound Creation Jérèmie Sananes Costumes Séverine Thiébault Production / dissemination Associação Parasita / Sinara Suzin Photography José Carlos Duarte Production delegate HEI With Ana Rita Teodoro, Marcela Santander Corvalàn, João Dos Santos Martins, Kazuki Fujita Supported by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès within the framework of the New Settings Program Co-productions Centre National de la Danse- Pantin - França, CCN de Caen en Normandie (residence-studio) - França, - França and Materiais Diversos - Portugal Support GDA Foundation and Espaço Alkantara (Portugal)