Ser autóctone

To be or to dwell. Occupy and exist. In the mountains, in the valley, in the wetlands, in the neighborhood. The place and what it is to belong to it, to be indigenous. Species and identity.

Performance and co-creation Adriana Reis, Ana Valente, Beatriz Taborda, Catarina Jorge, Carolina Abreu, Diana Santos, Henrique Faria, Iara Barata, Lara Neto, Madalena Tomé, Margarida Mota, Maria Luz, Maria Barrios, Maria Santos, Mariana Eloy, Matilde Santos, Matilde Morais, Sofia Abreu, Sofia Carreira, Sofia Nobre Direction Marta Tomé Rehearsal assistance Beatriz Pereira, Leonor Mendes Production O Corpo da Dança