Volta à Terra, by João Pedro Plácido

Volta à Terra tells the story of an endangered community: farmers who practice subsistence farming in a mountainous village of northern Portugal, deserted because of immigration.
Between the evocation of the past and their uncertain future, we follow the 49 inhabitants through four seasons. Among the inhabitants we meet António, a former emigrant who fulfilled his dream of returning home, prepares the village festivities for the coming summer, and Daniel, young shepherd who dreams of love at dusk.

shot and directed by João Pedro Plácido written by Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, João Pedro Plácido editing Pedro Marques color correction Paulo Américo sound consultant Vasco Pimentel sound editing Hugo Leitão sound mixing Denis Séchaud produced by Luís Urbano, Sandro Aguilar co-producers Joëlle Bertossa, Nora Philippe