Mistério da Cultura

David Marques

David began to develop his work as a choregrapher in 2007 with the support of EIRA in Lisbon. Since then, he has shown his pieces in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, the Ukraine and Israel. He created ‘Motor de Busca’, ‘Future Plans’, ‘KIN’ and ‘Conquest’, a choreographed adaptation of a Deborah Hay solo, commissioned by the Serralves Foundation. He dcreated the trilogy ‘Bête de Scène’/’Images de Bêtes’/’THE POWERS THAT B’ with Ido Feder. With Tiago Cadete, he created ‘Apagão’, a piece in the dark (Festival Temps D’images and Citemor). As highlights of his work as performer he lists his work with Francisco Camacho, Filipa Francisco, Tiago Guedes (‘Materiais Diversos’), Lígia Teixeira, Maya Levy&Anando Mars, Bosmat Nossan, Loic Touzé, David Wampach, Lucie Tumova, Raquel Castro and Emily Wardill. He has directed choreography composition ateliers at Fórum Dança in Lisboa, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, as part of the project Dance Research (SIDance) in Seul and at Danslab in Brussels. He founded PARCA.

Mistério da Cultura is, mostly, about culture, art, and its models of production, representation and support, but one can never be sure. It is a puzzle of motivations by the artists and the audience, a bureaucratic danced thriller, an enigma to be deciphered. On stage, several questions are raised: What remains of the initial desire to put on a performance? What is unseen when watching a piece? Is it really worth it, to dance, is it better to speak or to listen?

David Marques interview by Ana Bigotte Vieira materiais-diversos-download
By David Marques In collaboration with Madeleine Fournier, Johann Nöhles, Nuno Pinheiro, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Francisco Rolo, Teresa Silva Video Diogo Brito Costumes Tiago Loureiro Lighting Tiago Cadete Sound Miguel Lucas Mendes Space Tiago Pinhal Costa Technical Direction Artur Moura Photography Ágata Xavier Residencies Eira/Teatro da Voz, 23 Milhas - Ílhavo, Estúdios Victor Córdon / Materiais Diversos, Teatro Municipal do Porto - Campo Alegre Executive Production Vítor Alves Brotas | Agência 25 Production PARCA Co-production Teatro do Bairro Alto, Materiais Diversos Project financed by Fundação GDA and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Support Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporâneo, Escola Superior de Dança - IPL Acknowledgments Ana Bigotte Vieira, Ângela Marques, Francisco Camacho, Gil Mendo, Maria de Fátima Loureiro, Maria Fernanda Pinheiro, Maria José Fazenda, Patrícia Milheiro, Pietro Romani, Tânia Guerreiro, Tiago Vieira