Viagem a Portugal


Viagem a Portugal is a performance-journey-travel through the fragmented territory of a country — a gaze Alexandre O’Neill also had when he said “Portugal: a question I carry with myself… my remorse, my remorse for us all…”. In this performance-journey-travel, the Teatro do Vestido seeks to discover how we got here? Where do we come from, actually? What is the street map? What is a country after all, and what makes us a part of it?

Text and Direction Joana Craveiro Co-creation and performance Estêvão Antunes, Joana Craveiro, Tânia Guerreiro Scenography Carla Martinez Costumes Tânia Guerreiro Music (composition and interpretation) Francisco Madureira Assistance, interpretation, document manipulation, real-time video Mafalda Pereira Lighting Leocádia Silva Production Direction Alaíde Costa Financial Direction Leocádia Silva Co-production Teatro do Vestido e Materiais Diversos