Classe do Jaime

Classe do Jaime was awarded with the Filhos do Meio creation grant from Materiais Diversos in 2018, given to artists from the district of Santarém who are interested in making artistic proposals anchored in a relationship with the community. In Classe do Jaime two dancers seek out the folklore dance of the regions of Serras d’Aire and Candeeiros. The show is designed as a choreography in which the concepts of gender, weight and eroticism are restored, tossing questions from one side to the other. What does traditional dance ask to contemporary dance?

Choreographic composition and choreoturgy Susana Domingos Gaspar Musical Composition Edgar Valente Dancers Susana Domingos Gaspar and Edgar Valente Lighting Bruno Santos Support Artist Grant Filhos do Meio from the Associação Cultural Materiais Diversos and Paralelo 39 – Associação Cultural de Saberes e Artes Residencies Convento do Carmo, Torres Novas; Centro de Artes e Ofícios Roque Gameiro; Auditório de Cem Soldos Acknowledgements O Corpo da Dança (Marta Tomé), Fácil Contacto (Saulo Antunes), Miguel Serra, Rancho Folclórico do Casal Sentista, Rancho Folclórico “Os Camponeses”de Riachos, Rancho Folclórico da Gouxaria, Rancho Folclórico Luz dos Candeeiros (Arrimal), Rancho do Covão do Coelho, Guilherme Correia