Based on the book “Uma mesa é uma mesa. Será?”, published by Planeta Tangerina, the performance explores, on various levels, an object which is very close to children and behind which they spend most of their day. The table is much more than its definition in the dictionary. It is a place for an infinitude of actions, both individual and collective. At the table, we write, we eat, we have conversations, we draw, we perform operations, we build, we celebrate, we vote and we rehearse. There are tables made of various materials, in different sizes and shapes, but what makes this a variable object is the way in which we relate to it.

Dramaturgy and Staging Catarina Requeijo Performance Ana Valente e Victor Yovani Scenography and costumes Maria João Castelo Lighting Design Vasco Ferreira Research in educational context, on the field ot Dramatic Expression Catarina Requeijo e Manuela Pedroso Research in educational context, on the field of Philosophy Rita Pedro Co-production Comédias do Minho, Materiais Diversos e LU.CA