Selva Coragem

Teatro do Frio

Teatro do Frio is an artistic collective created in 2005 and inserted in the regional context of Northern Portugal. The collective was created with the purpose of privileging research in theatrical creation, with a desire for the crossing of different disciplines. Since 2013, the Teatro do Frio has been investigating thresholds and contact zones between the processes of theatrical creation and sound art, acoustics, dance and compositional writing. In this premise, it has deepened the investment in the creation of shows where performer and word emerge from the systematic investigation around the relationships that can be created between emotion, action, and thoughts. Their dramaturgical / compositional writing comes from a grammar that relates voice, body, space and sound. Since 2016, the collective has been investigating the relationship between dramaturgical writing and landscape, extending this exercise in 2017 to the concept of sonic drama, relating kinesthesia [body language] and toponymy [language of territory].
Teatro do Frio is supported by DGARTES.

Selva Coragem is an interdisciplinary creation project, with a strong BIOinstallation component, built using plants borrowed from the local inhabitants. It encompasses sound art, dramaturgical writing and performance, with perspectives on what is sustainability, biodiversity and quality of life within the urban fabric. The intention is to delve deeper into environmental and artistic concerns, proposing a mixing and balancing of people and territories: Europe with Latin America, animal with human, popular knowledge and artistic discourse, culture with nature; inspire and challenge the dialogue, the face to face and side by side, listening and creating as an alternative way of building. So that perhaps courage may once again emerge.

A Fable of the End of the Earth, by Jorge Louraço Figueira materiais-diversos-download
Artistic Direction Rodrigo Malvar e Catarina Lacerda Dramaturgy Catarina Lacerda Lighting Design João Abreu Composition and Electronics Rodrigo Malvar Sculptural Arrangement Filipe Tootill Video Recording Ricardo Couto Recorded Voice Voice Ece Candil, Bruno Pereira e Rodrigo Malvar Executive Production Inês Gregório