Projecto Pergunta

Mil M2

Mil M2 is an interdisciplinary artistic collective whose first experience was the temporary occupation of open spaces with the purpose of encouraging and sharing activities that promoted exchanges and encounters. Currently nomadic, Mil M2 proposes working around the creation of artistic processes that allow the development of civic and political debates in the public space.
National Premiere

Projecto Pergunta is a device for civic action. Its objective is to generate and enable collective debates in the public space and make them go viral, activating collective knowledge in territories and communities. Here and there throughout the city of Cartaxo, the public is invited to participate in a set of activities promoting tools for questioning several social topics. Through an intervention specifically conceived for each location where it takes place, Projecto Pergunta encourages new types of discussion and civic conscience.

Project Question - A Script, by Mil M2 materiais-diversos-download
Implementation in Cartaxo Pedro Sepulveda, Maria José Rana, Raquel Carvalho and Hector Azorin