Marta Cerqueira

Marta Cerqueira has been a professional dancer since 2001. She develops a research and design various artistic projects, mainly in the field of performing arts (dance and theater), but also works with installation, video and film. She studied classical and modern dance at the Dance School of the National Conservatory of Lisbon, where she graduated as a professional dancer. Formerly, she chooses contemporary dance as a career and continues her studies at various dance schools and studios in New York, Berlin and Lisbon, where she completed the Calouste Gulbenkian PGCCA Foundation Choreography Course. She was part of the multidisciplinary projects COLINA04 (PT), Point to Pointe Program, 4th Asia-Europe Dance Forum / 06 (PL). She has worked as a performer and sometimes co-creator with professionals such as Anke Blonde, Bruno Pradet, Clara Andermatt, Errol White, Giacomo Scalisi, Luís Guerra, Leonor Keil, Manon Oligny, Sofia Neuparth, Tânia Carvalho, and others. Her film work includes collaborations with Jeanne Waltz, Manuel Guerra, Tiago Guedes and Frederico Serra. Throughout her professional career, Marta Cerqueira has performed in several international festivals such as the Uzès Dans Festival (France), Julidans Festival (Amsterdam) and FIAC - International Festival of Performing Arts (Salvador de Bahia). She created and performed the dance solo MUTE, a piece that she continues to present in partnership with the composer and visual artist João Bento.

In order to write the word SubLinhar one needs a point and to trace lines with one´s hand. In order to speak the word SubLinhar it is necessary for a series of sounds to leave one´s mouth. But there are those of few words… And what happens when we are left speechless? If we remove Linha (Line) from the word Sub(Linha)r we can use it to draw in space, insinuating forms, accentuating movements, defining directions or pathways which takes us to a new place, ask the world questions and grow.

Marta Cerqueira interviewed by Raquel Ribeiro dos Santos materiais-diversos-download